4 Fitness Truths That Changed My Life

Sanika Vaid
3 min readMay 1, 2023


Are you looking to get fitter? You’ve been looking to get better results, because the last time you tried it didn’t work out too well. If you are someone who feels this way, here are 4 truths that completely changed my outlook towards fitness routines, and the results I got from them. I hope that they provide you with some valuable insight as well.

1. The physique I want takes YEARS to develop.

You’ve just started out in the gym, with a new coach, a new routine, better food habits and a higher step count. It’s been 2 months and you don’t really “see any results”. But at the same time you probably feel better, move better, have more energy, and feel lighter.

This is normal. There is a teething period between this time and actually seeing visible changes — especially if done sustainably, without insanely high gut-wrenching cardio and starving yourself.

It takes about 2–3 months for you to nail your movement form, actually lift progressively heavier weights and challenge your muscles, and then slowly start seeing visible changes. Don’t dump your coach in under 3 months — Give. It. Time.

Your dream body requires months of consistent hard work — it’s a process, not a one-time event.

2. I was doing too much and the wrong cardio.

Cardio is great for heart health, important for blood flow, and feels amazing if done right. That being said, it cannot be the majority of your workout — especially if you are looking to lean down, get “toned” or build muscle (these all mean the same thing BTW).

Don’t overdo the conditioning, there’s no need to bang out 1000 skips before every workout, or end each workout with a 5k run.

Take time out to actually lift weight with good form, a progressive overload program, and the correct tempo and rep ranges.

3. Eating too little was stalling my progress.

Sure, a caloric deficit has its benefits. But — you need to be eating enough first before you can cut and eat less! The body does not adapt well when chronically given less food. You can face issues such as missed periods, hair fall, diminished libido, injuries, and brain fog, just to name a few. Not to mention the concept of metabolic adaption — a process where you chronically under-eat for so long, that your body adjusts its maintenance calories to a point where you find it very difficult to drop weight… very often referred to as having a “slow or sluggish metabolism”.

4. Sleep and recovery is as important as hitting the gym.

Muscle is broken inside the gym, and muscle is made outside the gym.
Lifting weights tears muscle fibres, and optimal protein intake along with restful sleep is what builds muscle. If you are hitting 4–6 sessions a week, but barely recovering — you are doing more harm than good.

Sleep helps muscles release protein-building amino acids into the bloodstream at an increased rate which helps them grow and get stronger over time. A lack of sound sleep could mess with protein synthesis, muscle recovery, immune system function, and modulation of your body’s inflammatory response — which can all lead to injury.

Low sleep can also result in excess hunger pangs through the day, which causes you to eat a lot more than you normally would.

These four fitness truths have transformed the way I approach my health and wellness journey. I’ve learned that building the physique I want takes time and dedication, and that doing too much or the wrong type of cardio can hinder my progress. Proper nutrition and adequate rest are also crucial components of achieving my fitness goals.

By implementing these truths into my lifestyle, I have been able to approach my fitness journey with a more sustainable and holistic mindset, and I apply the same principles to my clients to help them achieve their goals.



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